Coupang x Payoneer Seller Plus!

Selling to Korea just got cheaper & simpler.

What is the Seller Plus Promotion?

Coupang and Payoneer are partnering for a limited time to offer new sellers the chance to sell to Korea and get more cash back in their pocket! What does that actually mean?

  • For the first 3 months of sign up to this promotion, Coupang is offering a flat sales commission rate of 3%! Here is the current sales commission rate table.
  • For the following 3 months, sellers will enjoy a flat 5% sales commission rate. That means you get 6 months of this amazing deal!
  • 1-1 seller support
  • When you generate sales of USD 30,000 or above in the first three months of signing up to the Seller Plus promotion, you get a cool USD 150 cash back bonus!
  • 1-1 seller support
When is it?

This exciting offer is open from 17 February to 17 May, 2022.

Why should I sign up?

Discounts and bonuses are great to get your business rolling and the sales flowing, but we know that a savvy seller like you needs to see the core value – what makes Coupang & Payoneer truly competitive?

  • Firstly, Coupang is the leading mobile retail app in Korea, the world’s 4th largest e-Commerce market. That means when you sell on Coupang, you’re accessing millions of customers across Korea.
  • Coupang offers a seller-friendly platform and with highly trained staff who can speak multiple languages.
  • For cross-border sellers, Payoneer offers an easy way to consolidate your accounts!
  • Multiple currencies? Not a problem with Payoneer where payments are seamless.
Who can apply?

New sellers: Sellers who are new to Coupang/Payoneer are eligible to apply. The promotional period will start upon sign up to both.

Existing sellers: Sellers who signed up to Coupang between 17 December and 16 February who have not yet made any listing and are not yet signed up to Payoneer are eligible to apply. The promotional period will start upon sign up to Payoneer.

Sellers who are signed up to Payoneer but new to Coupang are eligible to apply and the promotional period will commence upon sign up to Coupang.

How can I apply?

Just sign up to Coupang & Payoneer using the link below and one of our staff will get in touch with you to walk you through the rest! For some more information on the documents you’ll need, here are some guiding resources.

Please note for sellers from Japan, only Metropolitan Commercial banks are accepted.

Still Curious?

If you’ve still got some questions or would just like to clear up a couple details, don’t hesitate to reach out to the friendly folks at Coupang & Payoneer.


Glen Lim (helim9@coupang.com)


US (alexcr@payoneer.com)

JP (bd_japan@payoneer.com)

ANZ (rachelli@payoneer.com)

Other markets (https://bit.ly/3suxg5J)