Sell into one of the world's biggest e-commerce markets

As one of the world’s fast growing e-commerce markets, Korea is the future of online shopping!

Why sell to Korea?

The World's 4th largest e-commerce market is just a few clicks away

If you’re thinking of growing your cross-border business, Korea is the perfect market for you. Not only is Korea one of the largest & fastest growing markets across the globe, it’s also straightforward and easy to access with Coupang!

Why is Korea perfect for e-commerce?

It's no accident that Korea is such an online retail hub!

Korea has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the OECD.

Korea’s high population density makes for efficient deliveries.

Trend-sensitive with high disposable incomes, Koreans love to shop online.

KOSIS data shows that Korean demand for overseas items shows no signs of waning.

What do Korean Customers Want?

Korean online cross-border purchases have been growing year after year with the latest KOSIS data from Q3, 2021 showing over 4.8T KRW of purchase volume. The majority of these online purchases fall under food, beverages, health supplements, fashion and consumer electronics. Korean consumer shopping preferences vary by country, so for more detailed information on your region, please click the following link.

selling online to korea

About Coupang Marketplace

Korea’s most-preferred shopping app also has tonnes to offer cross-border sellers. Read on to find out!

selling online to korea


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